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One of my favourite sites is twitter, it allows me to instantly see what is going on, read blog posts as they happen, get news before it appears on major news sites such as the BBC and the Guardian, but more importantly, it lets me connect with the World instantly.


A few days ago, I asked a simple question (you only have 140 characters to get any message across) “Global Fuel price check, how much is a gallon or litre of diesel/gas where you live? Please answer with Country/State and price, thanks!”…the results were interesting and I have published them below, it shows us instantly how much the different government’s tax us and also how prices vary from state to state in some cases.

smartiesplace @fuelmyblog currently at $1.55 a litre in Melbourne Australia

HellaSound @fuelmyblog $4.29 in San Francisco, CA

webduck @fuelmyblog $4.057 in Port Orchard, WA

supermom_in_ny @fuelmyblog On Memorial Day (Mon) I paid $4.11 a gallon for regular and I live in upstate NY…not NYC!

lezzles @fuelmyblog Re. fuel prices – it’s only $0.17 in Caracas.

AngelaChenShui @fuelmyblog approx US$1.20/litre for high octane gas; US$1/litre for regular, Jamaica

hawksdomain @fuelmyblog USA – Kansas $3.79/gal on the way to work this morning… news said it would be up to $3.90 by the end of the day tho

blm03 @fuelmyblog It was $4.29 over the weekend in Chicago, IL USA

Archit @fuelmyblog $5.77 per gallon for Petrol in West Bengal, India.

Cantalyssa @fuelmyblog USA/ South Carolina $3.78gas $4.55 diesel (per gallon)

John_C @fuelmyblog Jacksonville, Florida, USAGE current gas price: $3.938/US Gallon.

WritingJourney @fuelmyblog $4.18, Michigan, U.S

aragornsbeard @fuelmyblog About €1.50/litre here in the vendee, France.

And my Mother texted (SMS) me saying the price is £1.189  for petrol in Hertfordshire, England.

So, there are 4.55 Litres to a gallon so to compare averages where available:-

USA Average across answers was $4.05 per gallon which is $0.89 per litre or £0.45 per litre

In India is is $5.77 per gallon which is $1.26 per litre or £0.64 per litre

In Australia it is AUS$1.55 a litre which is £0.75 per litre or for the folks in the US $6.73 per gallon

In Caracas, Venezuela it is $0.17 per gallon! which is $0.037 per litre or £0.02 per litre (rounded up)

In the Vendee in France it is €1.50 per litre or £1.18 per litre which is $10.56 per gallon!

In La Rochelle in France it is €1.41 per litre or £1.10 per litre which is $9.91 per gallon

in Hertfordshire, England it is £1.189 per litre or $10.69 per gallon.

So now you can see why half of Europe is on strike due to the fuel prices right now..

This is what makes the internet such a great human resource.

Thanks to everyone that took part 🙂

If you haven’t yet added me as a friend on twitter I am known there, surprisingly(!), as fuelmyblog.


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Jemima Kiss just asked for something to cheer her up on twitter, so Jemima, here it is:-

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New FuelTV logo

Thoughts everybody? heheThe new logo for the crap that is..!

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A trip to England

Last week I had to pop to England again for a meeting.

Firstly, this a view from the train with wifi heading up to York:-

The next night I went to the pub with some family:-

And they really did put eggs and onions in the bag, my Uncle testing it:-

Strange but true.

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Friends of ours own some amazing gites in La Rochelle and have finally set up a blog and website to promote them a bit. They have some free slots available this summer so take a look by clicking here!

La Rochelle has hundreds and possibly thousands of holiday homes available to rent and this year with 11 direct flights from the UK and Ireland, La Rochelle is set to be busier then ever. If you wanted to have a relaxing week or two surrounded by sunflower fields, our pals gites are perfect (this year in any case, the crops can be rotated!).

What is a gite? It is basically a self-contained house or apartment (generally house with large grounds) with every utensil required to spend a few weeks living like a local or relaxing in peace. In the USA I guess these are called Villas or Condo’s to rent?

Why am I promoting their website and blog? They are friends, I want their website and business to succeed and more importantly, would love to meet more fuelmyblog people in La Rochelle this summer. Thomas Hamburger Jnr is popping in for a cafe, who else?!

So this got me thinking of hosting a blog meet up on the beach in La Rochelle, with free wine and wifi organised and we could even live blog it! Here is a link to the local airport, ryanair are a great source of cheap flights, I fly with them almost weekly and often pay £30 return including tax.. So now there is no excuse, free wine, oysters and wifi, with my friend’s gite and hopefully good company, this could be a Pimms moment!

Take a look at the gite if interested, drop them a line. If you fancy meeting up in La Rochelle, drop me one 😉

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Fuelmyblog is now getting over a million hits per month, the majority of which are coming through the Friends widgets.  This is seriously slowing the site from time to time and we are working on a fix.  The best solution is to change servers and upgrade to something more robust.

Why haven’t we already made these changes?

Whilst we have enough funds to cover these changes, we are launching something in the next week or two that will be bringing in huge levels of traffic, estimated at over 5m per day.  We are talking to some major players in the hosting space and will hopefully be in a position to work on scaling up ASAP.  Sorry for the continued slowness, we will fix it soon and be bringing some very cool features asap (along with a new employee or two).

I’d love to see what features you guys would like to see installed in fuelmyblog, more writers, better blog help, better features etc.  I plan on hosting some user groups both in the UK and US during the next few months and am keen to see your feedback.

If you are reading this and are on fuelmyblog, please leave a note 🙂

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I have been busy recently and have failed to keep up with this blog, I intend to get back up to speed over the next few days.

Moving on from my post yesterday about what Google would do if they bought Fuelmyblog on the Fuel blog, it made me think about Google and the fact that many people simply use it to search, so, here are ten tips on using Google and making it a better experience.

  1. Calculator – Type in a maths problem, Google will show the answer, and this works both in numbers eg (1+33)*2 and words one plus thirty three times two, it will even do a combination eg  1 plus thirty three, *2.  Go on, try it!
  2. Precision Search – Using quotes will return an exact search,  removing them will return an assortment of unrelated pages.
  3. Dictionary –  Type define then any English word, the result will give you a quick dictionary definition.
  4. Maps – Type a town or city, sometimes with a County or State and Google will produce a map, click on it you can view driving directions, satellite views etc.
  5. Books – Go to books.google.com type in a writer or book title, and view the scanned book online.
  6. News – Go to news.google.com type in a subject and see up to date news results.
  7. Alerts – If you want to see who is writing about you, your blog or anything of interest, go to the following link here, then simply type in the search terms ie fuelmyblog, determine the type, I prefer comprehensive (search everywhere) and get an update via email as it happens, you can then track everyone that mentions your subject.
  8. Weather – Want to search weather easily?  Simply type weather followed by the name of the place ie weather la rochelle, hit return!
  9. Lucky? – If you have never tried it, typing a site name eg fuelmyblog in the search box followed by clicking I’m Feeling Lucky will take you there direct, no search results.
  10. Link – Who is linking to you?  Type link: followed by your URL and see who links to you eg link:fuelmyblog.com.

There, ten simple Google tips, if you have any other gems, leave them in the comments, Enjoy!

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