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I know many people have now taken delivery of their new iPhone 3G.  I like the phone very much although I have a couple of issues:-

1. It takes too long to register a touch on the screen when typing

2. The little tiny letters to tap are far too small for my “man” fingers.

What i’d really like to see is a way to display larger letters, is there any way to do this?  Anyone know?

I recently met a lady in her 60’s who is losing her sight, she is a friend of my in-Laws.  She is slowly becoming blind and wants a cell phone that would enable her to not only type an SMS but to actually read them.

The iPhone can just about do that for her, I showed her how to zoom in on text and she totally loved it.  This phone could make her life so much better but is there a cell phone in the market that can actually help people with very bad vision?

If the touch keys on the iphone could be permanently larger it could revolutionise the way people live.  If there is a solution, please let me know, I know one person who would regain something she just lost.


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I often hear of people that return from holiday with a touch of the blues.  I always get them one day after coming back.  This holiday was to be our first since moving to France in 2006, since starting Fuelmyblog I have not taken a single day off, I worked Christmas day, New Years Day, when sick, every day, not one has passed where I have not been working in some shape or form on Fuelmyblog.

When my mind flashes back to swimming in the warm sea with my kids, being the Father and Husband I wished I had more time to be, forgetting work and the bills for just a minute or two it feels great. Then..CRASH..back to reality.

Within two seconds of returning back home yesterday, I had six Skype chat boxes pop-up, text messages, 1300 emails flooding into the blackberry (that totally died whilst away and I managed to repair, and all emails I had already read whilst away) and list of telephone calls to make.  I had been on the road since 5.30am and ended up working flat out until 7pm on the final day of the break.  Totally immersed in the stress and back to where I was just a short week ago.

I do pile the pressure on myself to always create bigger and better things for Fuelmyblog and its users, working every afternoon in Greece certainly helped keep the “catch-up” workload down, but did it relieve the stress?  No.

So what now for fuelmyblog?  I think the next project I am announcing, shortly, will be great for bloggers in the UK and (hopefully) across the World soon.  Will all the sleepness nights, twitching eye and headaches and lack of real holiday be worth it?  I do sincerely hope so..

So my question dear reader is this, do you or have you ever worked whilst on holiday and did it relieve you of the post-holiday blues?  How do you cope with the blues?  I’d love to know 🙂

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As many of you reading my tweets or coming here from Fuelmyblog will know that we are currently on vacation on a small island called Aegina near Athens (Greece).  The view from our room is incredible and simply breathtaking:-

Apart from spending a few hours on the beach there, we have visited a few ancient Greek Temples like the one below:-

The island is surrounded with beauty and is of course very hot, everyone with any brain will retire to their rooms between 1pm and 5pm as the temperature can be as high as 50C which is 122F..This gives me the perfect opportunity to work using the Hotel’s wifi.

Anyhow, back to Apple..

The day before I left for Aegina, I picked up one of the new iPhone 3G’s, I suspect I was the only one to do so to save money, I am currently paying over €250 per month with roaming data charges and sms’s etc and felt that the iPhone with unlimited data, 500 SMS and phone calls free would save me a fortune.  What I didn’t take into account was just how cool this “phone” is.  The camera is great, takes fantastic shots (no zoom but who cares) and the app’s, ipod etc is fantastic.  What I didn’t realise was how many people were interested in the iPhone 3G that are not on Twitter or read Techcrunch…

I was sat in a bar in a tiny town last night, taking photos of the kids eating an ice-cream.  Nothing unusual at all, then a guy tapped me on the shoulder and in his best English (he was Greek) asked if it was the new iPhone 3G?  I nodded, turned around and there were 6 men sat behind me all smiling and pointing “have you tried the maps yet?” They asked to take a look and using the wifi from the port, tried the maps out and were all smiling like kids as it showed their little island..

Apple managed to somehow reach this tiny island..they are truly the masters of marketing..

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In the UK again..

Please everyone, tell me the truth about the weather, I always pack incorrectly!  It is not hot and sunny, it is cold and rainy..!

My Parents always act as the local weather station, this week is no different “OOh it’s lovely and warm, no need for a coat..”

So, dear reader, my workplace has gone overnight from this (not me I must add but I have the option!):-

Laptop on the beach

Laptop on the beach

To this:-

Laptop UK in the Rain

Laptop UK in the Rain

Obviously that is not me, merely a picture of someone trying to enjoy the benefits of working outside..in the UK!

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