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This post was inspired by Regularjen and her new blog Boxofpostcards.

As a child I was fascinated by postcards, I collected them, still have them and a large box in my loft (attic).

I don’t know about you but I can never throw a postcard away, I simply feel the urge to keep it.

Around 20 years ago I went to an antique fair and there was a dealer selling postcards.  I saw the following and just had to buy it, what first attracted me was the old fashioned comedy, then I turned the card over and noticed the date, 2nd October 1904.  Reading the handwriting is pretty hard but I think it says

“Dear William, You look most fetching in full uniform especially about your little feet (looks like yards after) I should say. Yours (can’t read name)”

The address and sir name of William is

“Mr Horne, C/O Abbott Butchers, Fleet Street, Tourquay”

I would love to track down the real owner of this postcard, maybe son, daughter or grandchild.  Anyhow, for your pleasure:-


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I am a huge sports fan and for me, the Beijing Olympics have been stunning.

Watching the 100m final blew me away, I never imagined I would ever witness such a feat in my lifetime.  For Usain Bolt to destroy a World record is one thing, to destroy it whilst jogging is simply mind-blowing.  I have not missed watching a 100m final live since 1980 with Alan Wells conquering the World in Moscow.  My most vivid memories are when I woke at 3am in 1988 to see Ben Johnson destroy Carl Lewis’ dream of 100m gold.  This was swiftly followed the next day when we woke to hear of Johnson’s drug test failure.

With Team GB setting World Records in the pool and velodrome, it is clear we are in a great position going into the next Olympics in London 2012, let’s hope the athletics team find some investment so we can feature in the showcase events.

But after all of this, for me, the most endearing image was that of a broken man.  Liu Xiang, the Chinese hero, pin-up and megastar.  For the past four years, he has had the entire National look to him for inspiration and hope.  He would have won the gold in the 110m hurdles and been the story of the Olympics.  The poor guy arrived for the first race carrying a devastating injury.  The worst a hurdler can have, an Achilles tendon injury.

Seeing him prepare for the race, holding his ankle, almost praying it would magically fix itself is something I will never forget.  After putting in immense hard work and effort, dreaming of nothing else for years and looking at failure when you have absolutely zero control, it shows how cruel life can be.

I look at myself and things going on right now, and could easily be in the same position, just not so public.

Have you ever had a situation where you prepared so well, worked so hard etc but in the end had the dream taken away from you by no fault of your own?  I’d love to hear what happened to you after 🙂

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Monday Madness?

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I listen to TWIT every single week, in fact I have to admit I am getting a touch addicted and have just started from episode 1 and listen to a show every morning before getting up (don’t tell anyone). The show is basically a weekly review of what has been going on in Technology.

Every week, the host Leo Laporte (who has just the best American radio voice) has a bunch of guests, the regulars are Wil Harris (from my side of the pond), Jason Calacanis (who just quit blogging), Kevin Rose, Patrick Norton and John Dvorak.

After pimping their twitter accounts for months I thought I’d take the bait and follow them all…and then I saw this:-

Is Dvorak trying to tell us something? (click on image)

So if dear reader you want to know what is going on in the World of Tech, tune in to this show.

As a side issue..

I am hoping to add someone to the team as a mentor or board member to help and advise with the project I am working on (it will be huge in the UK, I cannot express just how big), Jason Calacanis would be great, he runs Mahalo a search engine with no spam, just like fuelmyblog. Maybe I should just ask..

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