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Just got back from Future of Web Apps.  It was a great show, so slick and so many amazing speakers.

Snapshot of things seen, people spoken to:-

MySpace Bus

Microsoft Table

Jemima Kiss (blue dress – ok, possibly only female in shot) filming Mike Butcher hosting Techcrunch Runaround – a format that should be revisited in a larger scale

He who has most behind wins:-

Mike Butcher meets Ben Huh – I can haz a knackered Mike (he just finished Runaround at this point)

Here’s to the next event – although I am still thinking Mike should def run a Crackerjack version – best pitches get to hold cabbages – most cabbages win.

And then finally back home, this damn iphone is not picking up but..look at the ceiling in the plane, those two white rectangles are for mobile phones, the left says “turn off mobile” on the right says something like “mobile can be used”..imagine, a plane with mobile phones…urrgghh.


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Many many people face the same problem using Firefox and Internet Explorer, you click on a YouTube video, it starts, two seconds later, finished. Or rather, it stops. If your YouTube video stops after two seconds, this tip is for you..

I have seen many many people say that you need to go back to previous restore point, change config or DNS settings, delete programs, upgrade drivers, buffer problems, change start-up settings, restart PC or blah blah blah..forget it. You do not need to do anything so drastic…

So your YouTube video freezes after 2 seconds, simply close your browser. All tabs, the lot. When prompted to restart windows or firefox, do not restore all opened tabs. Start again *from fresh* and hey presto, youtube will work as normal..

That’s magic – and will save you hours of sodding about.

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Dear Apple,

I acquired the iPhone 3G on launch day in the UK.

This week I was lost in a part of London’s West-End and the fantastic Maps function saved the day for me, pinpointing exactly where I was and showing me where I needed to go, great work.  And then I needed to call one of my clients..

Then the trouble started…you see dear Apple I have adult man hands…Do the team working on the iPhone contact search have little elf sized fingers?  I simply cannot easily find a contact, those letters are too small to locate any particular letter – oh thanks for the magnifying glass search function, the only problem is, the icon is too small to locate with my “man hands”.  If there is any easier way to search, please let me know, i’d be grateful, alternatively why not simply have a permanent search bar at the top, then us people with “man hands” can actually find the people we want to call..



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